19 jan 20:00 uur Meta Music Percussion Group

MetaMuziek Percussion Group is a percussion chamber music ensemble that was created in 2021 in Tilburg. MetaMuziek aims for constant collaborations with other artists both musical and interdisciplinary, making the group flexible and dynamic. They have made presentations all over the Netherlands in different genres of music, arranging and performing music that dates from Bach, passing through impressionistic repertoire to contemporary music, even premiering works in the Netherlands such as “Shortcuts” by Luis Tinoco.

For this performance MetaMuziek presents “Canto Ostinato” by Simeon ten Holt.

Ten Holt describes this piece as “[…] stems from a traditional source, is tonal and makes use of functional harmony; it is built according to the laws of cause and effect (tension-release)”. The internal logic, form and duration are flexible and are not strictly set by the boundaries of form. “The piece is not in a hurry and has in common with so called minimal music that one cannot speak of fixed duration.” Therefore, it is up to the performers to choose these parameters, without violating the melodic lines and internal logic.

The Canto Ostinato will be performed by André Neto and Joaquim Osório in collaboration with Portuguese percussionist Flávio Costa and Catalan pianist Toni Inglés.

  • Entrance time 19.30
  • Concert time 20.00
  • Student ticket 7,50€
  • Normal ticket 17,50€
The email for reservation is metamuziekgroup@gmail.com.
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