27 okt 18:30 uur Dansvoorstelling TEMPER

Plaats: Kapel Mariëngaarde
Tijd: 19:00, zaal open 18:30
Datum: 27-10-’23
Entree: 15 euro

Temper is a performative journey through various states of being, In essence is a temper a natural predisposition of state of mind. A composition of different emotions. A constellation of different types and character traits. A dispositional tendency in response to internal or external stimuli.
Within this quartet we will re-discover the verbal and non verbal interactions between the four temperaments, which are: Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic and Sanguine.
The Theme of ‘The revolt of the Body’ invites itself during this research phase. Her explosive yet calm choreographic signature resonates in the elaboration of different disguises of ‘hybrid bodies’ formed by the peculiar crafting of different movement vocabulary such as; Urban and experimental genres and movement forms, the dance of darkness Butoh, martial art like Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Dancers: Anna Solomkina, Anastasia Bubulica, Carmel Bar, Lotte Berger
Choreographer: Sarah Prescimone
Special Thanks: Stichting 1&A – Jeroen van den Heuvel
Photographer: Len van der Pol

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