9 juli 15:00 uur A summer recital (opera zang + piano)

A summer recital, by Marianna Manca & Magdalena Wojtaszek
(piano: Ben Martin Weijand, coach: Harry Ruijl)

Lokatie:      Kapel Kunstcluster Mariëngaarde
Tijd:            9 July, 15:00 o’clock, doors open 14:30
Entrance:   € 5,00

Passion for music connects people. The love for classical opera set a long-run friendship between Marianna and Magdalena, who first met during their PhD studies at the Physics department of the University of Groningen about 12 years ago.
Initially, they both followed vocal training and conducting of Nana Tchikhinashvili, the Georgian soprano and conductor of Moderato Cantabile. After graduation, despite large distance (working in very distant cities, Eindhoven and Den Haag), they kept spending their weekends singing together. Their vocal journey continued, under the training of Irina Bedicova, mezzo-soprano and singer at Dutch National Opera. Marianna and Magdalena kept exploring the repertuar of classical duets and solos, particularly from the time of Bel Canto, always striving for emotionally engaging performances of professional quality.

This concert, prepared under guidance of Harry Ruijl, retired professor at Tilburg Conservatory, is born from the love for opera music and the love for sharing its beauty with others.

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